Teach the AI to see to save ourselves from some trouble!

“Today, the tech giant [Google] announced it’s open-sourcing its automatic image-captioning algorithm as a model in TensorFlow for everyone to use.

This means anyone can now train the algorithm to recognize various objects in photos with up to 93.9 percent accuracy – a significant improvement to the 89.6 percent that the company touted when the project initially launched back in 2014,” The Next Web reports.

Source: The Next Web


There is nothing scary about AI recognizing objects. I actually want them to recognize as much stuff as they can.

Infact – as I outline in my book The Imperfect Secret – they should also be able to comprehend more abstract and complex things, such as our secrets.

Before AI can help us with our secrets, a necessary first step is to make them able to recognize content in pictures.

So I fully support features like this, especially since the content of certain images could be equally – if not more – disturbing and revealing for people than words which we can filter pretty efficiently already.