Fighting cybercrime needs more flexible laws

“A federal judge in Iowa has ordered the suppression of child pornography evidence derived from an invalid warrant. The warrant was issued as part of a controversial government-sanctioned operation to hack Tor users. Out of nearly 200 such cases nationwide that involve the Tor-hidden child porn site known as “Playpen,” US District Judge Robert Pratt is just the third to make such a ruling.” Writes Ars Technica.

Source: Ars technica


Searching a computer or a phone IS the ultimate evidence source of the future. While I’m against constant surveillance and searching without a warrant we need to find the right balance here.

Law enforcement needs access to our digital devices now that we have all of our data in smart devices. What I’m proposing in my book “The Imperfect Secret” is let’s build a software that takes care of warrant requests in smart devices. Let’s make this software clever enough to make the decision on its own whether the warrant stands on firm ground. Data acquired through these type of searches must be court proof.