“Cannot be any more proud” Sight Extended our movie is finally here

Sight Extended Animation

Today is a big day in the life of two talented movie directors Eran May-Raz and Daniel Lazo. Their first short sci-fi film, “Sight,” acclaimed by viewers and critics, premiered in 2012. It features gamified augmented reality smart contact lenses and a strangely familiar-looking world set in our near future. Now, after almost ten years later, the pair is back with the full feature, upgraded and very different and yet so consistently captivating version, Sight: Extended. I am an executive producer of the movie, and I cannot be any more proud.

It’s not a smart mirror, it’s smart contact lenses

The original Sight, an 8 minutes long film, came a few years before the Netflix premiere of Black Mirror, but later some people found it a bit on the Black Mirror side because of its darker tone and transhumanist approach. But Sight is much more balanced than that. It is dark but not black. It is alarming but gives us a different, better perspective.

Sight: Extended even tops that. According to the plot, “in a near future dominated by augmented-reality eyepieces, a troubled young man who suffers from agoraphobia experiences an unlikely transformation when he comes across a mysterious app that transforms every facet of his life into a game.”

Human social interaction with glowing eyes of technology

The game packs at least as much AI as human-machine interfaces. Technologies just around the corner. Features that will change almost every aspect of our social interactions. Sight: Extended takes an interesting angle, helping the movie’s protagonist free his mind, but that comes at a cost.

The film depicts a colorful and vibrant future and a vision I have fallen in love with, and that is why I invested both money and time into this outstanding project. Sight: Extended is still before major distribution, and I see a bright future for it. So you better keep it in your focus. (get it?)

Interested in distribution?

Contact me at arthurkeleti@arthurkeleti.com

The movie has not premiered yet.
It was only made available for closed screening for
certain Kickstarter backers of the project.

Excited? The trailer is available on VIMEO:

Sight Extended Preview Session