Hilarious commercial pokes fun at the dangers of getting immersed in virtual reality

What makes VR technology particularly enticing is the promise of total immersion – but dabbling in the wonders of virtual reality always comes at the cost of losing touch with the real world.

This is precisely the conundrum YouTube comedians AudVid Bros. address in their latest comedy sketch focused on virtual reality.

In the video, a bored office employee rushes home to put on his beloved Oculus Rift headset after a long day at work. But as he ventures into the endless domain of virtual reality, two ill-intentioned burglars break into his house, slowly making their way to his living room.

The unsuspecting victim seemingly locks eyes with the thieves as they’re surreptitiously stealing his plasma TV, but – deeply immersed into virtual reality – he misses them altogether.

The hilarious video ends with the man taking off his VR headset only to find out his entire apartment has been thoroughly ransacked.

Despaired, he briefly stares at the camera… and then quickly puts his VR headset back on. This is when the text “Who needs real stuff anyways?” shows up on the screen, revealing the video as a fake commercial for Oculus.

Via: The Next Web