See what Tesla’s fully self-driving cars see on the road

Last month, Tesla announced that it would pack all forthcoming vehicles that it produces – including its presently available models and the Model 3 – with all the hardware necessary for full self-driving capability. It also demonstrated an autonomous car in action.

That was certainly impressive, but it’s even cooler to see what the car sees while navigates through a suburb and drops off a passenger at a Tesla facility without any human intervention, in the company’s latest video.

In addition to a first-person view from near the cockpit, the clip above shows you three on-board camera perspectives, as well the car’s ability to correctly identify road signs, lights, objects in its path and lanes.

Bonus points for the ‘Yakety Sax’ soundtrack, which Benny Hill fans will remember as the theme song for the outrageous comedy series.

Via: The Next Web