Should we have a “Master key” for all encryptions?

There is nothing new here…

After the Apple vs. FBI battle President Barack Obama asked technology pros to find “the solution” that would give access to encrypted information to a “few people” but protect privacy in general.

“Impenetrable encryption provides significant cybersecurity advantages but may also make it harder for law enforcement and counterterrorism professionals to investigate plots and prevent future attacks,” Clinton told an audience at Stanford University in March 2016. “ISIS knows this, too. At the same time, there are legitimate worries about privacy, network security, and creating new vulnerabilities that bad actors—including terrorists—can exploit.” Writes Ars Technica,

Politicians are still struggling to understand that there is NO such solution at the moment

It is not a technological issue: it is a moral and ethical question.

A solution would be to involve machines in the decision-making of partial declassification of the data available in smartphones and other connected devices.

The “Encryption Commission” is an idea that is one-sided (biased towards governments) and I don’t see the other side of the equation…

There will be no balance here for at least another 5-10 years, and the encryption switch will be flipped over by civil and government enterprise from time to time.