Torrent like internet. Would you seed?

‘The original purpose of the web and internet, if you recall, was to build a common neutral network which everyone can participate in equally for the betterment of humanity. Fortunately, there is an emerging movement to bring the web back to this vision and it even involves some of the key figures from the birth of the web. It’s called the Decentralised Web or Web 3.0, and it describes an emerging trend to build services on the internet which do not depend on any single “central” organisation to function.’

Source: Tech Crunch


The only way a decentralized web will ever take root is when business finds its way to successfully build feasible revenue-generating models around it. Like ads. But nobody likes ads. And if we pay for people to host the content, how is that different from today’s state of affairs?

However tempting the idea of user-owned web may sound, human societies are simply not ready yet to conveniently operate such a system without the clear business interest of the tera-conglomerates like Google or Microsoft, the same companies that many freedom-loving and privacy aware users defy.

My take on decentralized initiatives built on blockchain technology like the MTI background Enigma is that we will use them for revolutionary additions to services and solutions we are working with today, but they are not going to turn the world upside down just yet.

Additionally, user-hosted web makes it harder to assure web neutrality. Right now it’s hard enough to regulate the few big hosting companies. Not to mention that in that world, the border between the dark and the normal web would become blurred at best.

Though it is likely that in the long run (ten years), one player using decentralized technology to realize a good idea, or to fill a niche, will emerge from the fog at the right moment to grow with the giants. The others will be acquired or neglected by the major tech companies of today.