Tired of security

A new study from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) found that a majority of the typical computer users they interviewed experienced security fatigue that often leads users to risky computing behavior at work and in their personal life.’

Source: nist.gov

I’m telling you… humans are peaceful beings by nature. We conserve energy in peace, and we don’t actively seek confrontation because it takes too much energy and puts our family and loved ones at risk.

That is why people have a natural immunity to overemphasized security measures. They simply don’t want to remember more passwords, to authenticate using three factors and to become a paranoid cybersecurity professional. They just want their ordinary things and not much more.

I don’t think people are thinking of cyber battlefields while shopping online.

The blame has to fall on IT this time… once again.

Technology, including security, is supposed to make our cyber life safer and easier without over complicated cyber security controls.

In the next ten years, the IT industry needs to come up with efficient and easy to use security technologies. By “easy to use” I mean no config, no setup, but self-learning, security aware in itself, autonomous solutions. The scary reality is that we are VERY far from achieving these…
Maybe, just maybe, smart homes and personal assistants like Amazon Echo or Google home, with huge unified networks and relatively smart functions, can evolve into real AI and help us with this in the future, storing all of our passwords and simplifying access by using fingerprints or voice recognition. The underlying problem is probably that we would only surrender our security to a company that we assumed to be trustworthy, and its AI. But where would that trust be coming from?