War on the Internet

“Unidentified hackers are carrying out a campaign to find out how to take down the net, warns a security expert.

In a blogpost, security guru Bruce Schneier said “precisely calibrated” attacks on key net firms had been seen for over a year.

The attacks sought weaknesses in the defences of organisations that oversaw critical parts of the net, he said.

He said his “first guess” was that either China or Russia was behind the series of attacks.” Writes BBC.

Source: BBC

It actually makes a lot of sense. While it is stated later in the article that not only nation-states are attacking the critical choke-points of the Internet, there are rumors that both Russia and China are developing their own, closed Internet, that would make them much less dependent than the western states.

Actually in case of an actual conflict the knowledge to make the regular Internet collapse would be a huge advantage. It would both secure their own network, their cyber infrastructure, while ruin the communication and coordination of the enemy. Let’s hope it will never come to that, but we should be cautious, and be ready to make immediate countermeasures in case of a cyber nuking…