Another Twitter account hacked, now the AOL’s CEO’s


“The AOL CEO’s Twitter account has been hacked by an unknown individual, and posted spammy tweets at a rate of 20 a second. ” Writes The Next Web.
Source: The Next Web

Again? Ok, I got it. Twitter hacks happen so often that I believe they’re gonna be the morning juice to my cereal.

What I’m not getting is why people are not using Twitter’s two-factor authentication methods… or are they? Mark Zuckerberg’s account was hacked using his passwords from the 2012 massive password leaks. Obviously he was not using more factors than one, not even the time factor to change his password for 4 years.

The link that was put on Armstrong’s Twitter suggests a light attack, not Anonymous or the infamous and still ongoing OurMine campaign.

Still I can only suggest one thing for the readers: please use two-factor authentication on every website and service it is available. Also, change your passwords regularly especially if the service you are using was hacked in the near past.