What was the goal here?

Ars Technica writes: ““As for what motivated the hackers themselves, it was possible that they either objected to the embargo process or were interested in liberating scientific information, much like the woman behind SciHub. If so, they would undoubtedly have chosen to make high-profile science part of their leak. When we contacted the people behind Eurekalert to find out, however, it became obvious that the hackers had no idea what they were doing when it comes to science news.”

“So unless anything changes, no critical scientific or financial information seems to have been set loose by this hack, and the hackers don’t seem to have any ideological agenda. The hackers either hit Eurekalert just because it was there or to get the username/password combinations in the hope that they were also used somewhere with more valuable information.””

Source: Ars Technica

Picture: whatismyipaddress.com

This hack demonstrates how difficult- if not impossible- to guess hackers’ motivation in these days. They might just wanted to have some easy fun or they were after something valuable…

I’d like to bring attention to the fact that such hacks breach our secrets on different layers. This time one was the articles published but the other was username/password combos that usually serve as good starting points of future attacks. Also the access to scientific articles before their release can be valuable for some. Additionally the journalist registrations are also compromised.

Maybe we’ll see where this goes, but most likely it won’t come to sunlight any more.