Never use a cannon to kill a fly

Warner Bros. has long been among Hollywood’s most ferocious anti-piracy advocates, but it seems the studio has shot itself in the foot during its latest pursuit of justice.

In a recent DMCA notice to Google, Warner Bros. has mistakenly flagged one of its own pages for pirated content, asking Google to remove the entry from showing up in search results, TorrentFreak reports.” Writes The Next Web.

Source: The Next Web

Funny story. This reminds me of an email I should have got from my boss. It was about the annual conference of a big anti-virus company. I could not find the email he forwarded to me anywhere. After my boss explained to me about my incompetence of not finding a simple email in my inbox, I decided to launch the manhunt. A few minutes later I’ve found it in the spam folder of the anti-virus service of the very same company as the source of the email.

It is not surprising at all that companies can’t live by their own rules. Everything has become too complicated now that we are not sure what set of rules, regulations or law we are breaking with our online actions.

But as the article mentions, despite the best efforts of Google to filter out the false copyright claims coming for legitimate sites we cannot be sure how many legit pages have been lost because of them. It is easier to flag everything copyright infringement  then let the search engine and its moderators figure out what is right and what is wrong.